About Dr. Hodgkiss

Pain Management Nurse Practitioner in Blytheville, AR

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About Dr. Hodgkiss

Thomas Hodgkiss, MD, is a board-certified interventional radiologist at Southern Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Memphis and Union City, Tennessee. 

A native of Tennessee, he earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and received his medical degree at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. Afterward, he completed a fellowship program in interventional radiology at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis.

Dr. Hodgkiss previously served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. He specializes in interventional oncology and interventional vascular disease and has treated cancer patients at two large cancer centers for over 15 years. In addition, Dr. Hodgkiss formerly worked with AngioDynamics developing and advancing microwave treatments for soft tissue cancers.

He serves as a consultant, researcher, and physician educator for Medtronic focusing on peripheral bone and vertebral tumor ablation. Dr. Hodgkiss has extensive experience in treating vascular occlusive disease and embolization therapy and specializes in treating vascular occlusive disease as well as the repair of aneurysms. His practice also includes creating and maintaining vascular and peritoneal access for kidney failure patients who require dialysis. 

Dr. Hodgkiss’ primary areas of interest are interventional vascular/oncology, medical pain therapies, and kyphoplasty treatment for vertebral compression fractures with the subsequent treatment of underlying osteoporosis. He offers a wide range of pain and vascular management techniques utilizing fluoroscopic guidance, CT, and ultrasound.